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Langhorne United Methodist Church
Wednesday, October 27, 2021
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Gift cards can be used to purchase everyday items, given as gifts to family, friends and coworkers, or used to purchase holiday gifts, and are available for everything from grocery stores, gas stations, restaurants, movie theaters, home improvement stores, and much more. You will receive full face value gift cards and LUMC will earn up to a 15% rebate on each purchase. Orders will be taken before and after church on Sundays and will be available for pick up the following Sunday. Payment is due when you order your gift cards. Both cash and checks will be taken. Please make checks payable to LUMC. If you have any questions about the gift card program please contact Amy Hansen at
PRINT the Gift Card Order Form
To see full list of cards available go the website below:
Scrip Gift Card Retailer Brand Mall | Great Lakes Scrip Center


YOU CAN HELP! LUMC has an opportunity to make money—without it costing any of us a cent more than we normally spend at the grocery store. Instead of going to Redner's or Giant and using cash or your ATM card; simply buy gift cards here and spend them at the store—for full face value—and LUMC gets to keep 5%! For more information, contact Bill Wallace, (215) 968-6557. Email Bill and place your order anytime so that Bill can make sure he has a sufficient supply on hand for your convenience - just click on the Redners/Giant Logo above.


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